Home grown bedding plants

We are getting ready for the new autumn/winter season. We grow many of our own plants at our nursery in Essex where our Cyclamen, Primroses and Pansies are all coming along beautifully.


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Encourage wildlife into your garden


Give birds a warm welcome into your garden with feeders and baths.  With so much choice now available there’s something for everyone including the serious twitchers.  From traditional to quirky, we’ve selected the best options that are bound to get birds tweeting for joy this summer.


Rafael-Bastos-8358 Tea pot bird feeder £12.99, tea cup £9.99


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Garden Tools and Sundries

At The Chelsea Gardener we think the arrival of spring feels a bit like coming back to school after a long summer break.

Gardeners feel excited about new planting schemes, sourcing the right additions or putting into practice a technique they may have learnt earlier.

As with going back to school, we know there is nothing better that having a new tool to work with. And for that we are certainly ready…

We have a selection of wellies, aprons and gloves that would make the perfect present for any keen gardener or a treat for yourself for a little bit of hands-on work.



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Pepper tree

Pepper tree

The word ‘bonsai’ simply means ‘a plant in a tray’. Indoor and Outdoor bonsai are fascinating to grow but they are high maintenance plants. It is important to select the type of bonsai carefully and to follow care instructions.

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A ‘To do’ list for February

Now is a good time to catch up with some work in order to prepare your garden for the arrival of spring.  Not only will your space be ready to welcome the warmer weather but it’s also a good opportunity to include some winter interest too.  After all, we are enjoying a pretty mild winter so far… albeit a wet one.

1. Pruning.

Those autumm/winter flowering plants that have finished blooming could be cut right back now.

This is also a good time for pruning any overgrown evergreen, climbers etc. Grasses that have turned dry could be cut back as well.

2. Bulbs.

Make sure your spring flowering bulbs are safe. Chicken wire could be used on top of the planting bed/ground to prevent squirrels digging out those precious bulbs. Mulching will protect the bulbs from the frost.

Right now is a good time for purchasing Liliums, Dahlias, Begonias and Gladiolus.

4. Winter scent.

There’s still time to add this special touch to your garden.

Sarcococca is still in flower. This shade tolerant shrub provides a lovely scent from late autumm to mid-winter.

Sarcococca hookeriana var. humilis

Sarcococca hookeriana var. humilis (source: RHS website)

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Gift ideas for gardening enthusiasts of all ages

There’s always so much to think about at this time of year… Christmas trees, decorations, guests and of course gifts!

This time last year we provided a guide to selecting your Christmas tree so we thought that you might appreciate some gift ideas for giving to the gardening enthusiasts in your life.

We’ve found that the fabulous Micro Giardini plants in a can are very popular.  With an affordable price tag they’re pretty pocket friendly too so make an ideal stocking filler!  Choose from mint, chilli peppers, tomatoes and basil.

Micro Giardini £8.99 each Min, Chilli peppers, tomatoes and basil

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It’s time for planting bulbs again!!

This is the perfect time for planting spring and summer flowering bulbs. As we posted previously, here is some advice.

For now, enjoy the fantastic colour of our pictures and think about the potential for your garden:

Crocus Daffodil Tete Hyacinth 2 Hyacinth Muscari tulip (2) Tulip Tulips white